Meet the Bizzy Babes

Meet Allison!

Hi I'm Allison! But you can call me Al. I am Bizzy's caretaker. I see over her and I know what she needs to thrive (I'm an enneagram 2, what can I say?) I'm also a mama, wife and mental health counselor. Being a major rule follower, I wanted to destigmatize CBD for all of you other rule followers out there! I had a clear vision of what I wanted Bizzy to be; a CBD company that could cultivate all the good things: authenticity, relief, chill vibes and friendship.

Meet Lacie!

Holla atcha girl! Hi, it's me, Lacie. Co-founder of Bizzy CBD and resident design queen. Also wife, mother of three, Taco Bell enthusiast and lover of literature. Listen, the CBD industry was missing something. Where was the product for someone like me? A total novice who didn't want to feel intimidated going into a pot shop to find a CBD product that was equal parts playful, cute and delicious. It wasn't available! So we created it. 

Our brand is all about having FUN!

We love to share a laugh over stepping in dog poop and stupid shit we find in the clearance aisle at Home Goods. We value friendship, loyalty and a goddamn good time. We're just like our customer base: ladies who want to MFing CHILL after a day of slay. We invite you to join our club. Everyone is welcome! Sweatpants encouraged, badassery required. Love you, stay cool, keep it real.